The question of “which MBA program is right for me?” is top of mind for MBA-aspiring professionals. To help our clients navigate this important topic and find their dream MBA program, we have assembled critical MBA program comparisons.

Read about insider admissions tips and critical perspectives on top MBA programs at the links below. These school comparisons feature input from the current Executive Directors at MBA programs and candid insights from the former MBA Admissions Officers on our SBC team.

Let’s get started by learning about which MBA program is right for you. These evidence-based tools and tips will help you find your MBA program.

Which MBA: Harvard vs. Stanford

Described as “deftly-written with a ton of useful info side-by-side,” this HBS versus GSB smackdown is rich with information, including candid insights from the former HBS and GSB MBA Admissions Officers on the SBC team.

Which MBA: Columbia vs. Wharton

Hailed as “100% spot on for both schools, a remarkable piece and one of the best comparative stories,” you won’t want to miss out on this Columbia vs. Wharton smackdown.

Which MBA: Kellogg vs. Booth

Northwestern Kellogg and Chicago Booth have long been fierce competitors. In this Kellogg vs. Booth MBA smackdown, you’ll learn how these programs are similar and how they are different.

Which MBA: MIT vs. Berkeley Haas

MIT Sloan vs. Berkeley Haas are on opposite sides of the country. Yet, there are similarities between MIT and Haas that we evaluate here, along with admissions insights.

Which MBA: Duke vs. Darden

Tight-knit culture and community are hallmarks of both Duke and Darden’s MBA programs. Let’s get critical through this new smackdown here.

Which MBA: INSEAD vs. London Business School

Consistently ranked as top among the European MBA programs, INSEAD and London Business School (LBS) offer truly global b-school experiences. Recruiters overwhelmingly agree that candidates with international experience outperform those without, and that global priority has pushed many applicants to head abroad for the MBA.

Which MBA: Oxford Said vs. Cambridge Judge

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